Turtle & Kitten

'Ewwo evewyone~! My name's Kitten, I'm an AB/DL girl.
I've the best Moddy/Baby/Fox a chick could ask for. ;3
I love to draw (be it traditional to digital), sew, write/read, and play my guitar (here and there anymore sadly), I strive to create!

Made this blog to share the more ABDL/bdsm/kitten side of my interests, as well as share my creations: drawing, sewing, ect. with all of you, and get to befriend other people with the same likes :3
Some of what I post will be NSFW +18, as warning.

Ask me anything! Submit Giggles Closet (My Etsy Shop)



Aprendiendo junto a ti

That is some pretty good Once Upon a Time fanart.

(via hispirategirl)

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